Independence of West Papua and The Hope of Indigenous Peoples of West Papua


By Mas Wibowo

WEST Papua: For indigenous Papuans every December 1st is a celebration of the national independence of the Republic of West Papua. All indigenous Papuans, whether they joined the Liberation Army of West Papua or OPM or did not join, remained in celebration of West Papua’s independence both open and closed.

West Papua independence celebrations are openly held a ceremony to raise the Bintang Kejora flag in each KODAP from 8 OPM regional military areas scattered throughout the Land of Papua. All KODAP TPN and OPM performed a festive ceremony on this day of December 1, 2020. OPM and TPNPB will not carry out military attacks but they only perform the national flag raising ceremony which is the Kejora Star flag.

In addition, some indigenous people in West Papua celebrated west Papua’s independence celebrations in secret from their homes. They celebrated their independence with prayer and worship from house to house while thanking God for the grace of guidance and mentoring indigenous Papuans during this time. In addition, they prayed for the rescue of those who were shot dead by the Indonesian army and police during this time. Also they ask God to save the deliverance from oppression Indonesia. However, indigenous Papuans also ask all countries for help and concern from all parties to support the liberation from colonialism, discrimination and racism against indigenous Papuans, as well as exemption from the killing of unanpassioned human rights violations by the Indonesian state, and theft of illegal logging and destruction of forests and the environment by the rulers of the Indonesian state.

For all these problems of oppression and colonization, indigenous Papuans can celebrate the 59th independence of West Papua lively tomorrow, December 1, 2020. They celebrated West Papua’s independence heavily because other countries had not legally recognized West Papua’s independence despite the fact that West Papua had been independent since December 1, 1961.

Therefore, we indigenous people of West Papua ask and urge the UN and the world countries to immediately recognize the independence of the Republic of West Papua.

In the end the author congratulated him on celebrating the 59th independence of West Papua. Save West Papua. I strongly support Free West Papua.

The Autor is a Activist Human Right from Jakarta, Indonesia

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