Indonesian Military Shoots Dead a Church Pastor in Hitadipa Intan Jaya, West Papua

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By: Mas Wibowo

AGAIN relentlessly, the Indonesian military shot dead a papuan indigenous Pastor for no reason what reason. The Pastor’s name is Mr. Jeremiah Zanambani. He is the head of Klasis Moni Intan Jaya Region of West Papua at September 19, 2020.

The Indonesian military fearlessly shot dead the leader of the local Church. Indigenous people in Papua feel unforgivable for this act of extermination and shooting. Church leaders alone braved the military firing. Moreover, other civilians are being slaughtered every day. This is really serious about genocide.

The Indonesian state continues to carry out daily massacres of indigenous Papuans. As a result of many deaths, indigenous papuans are diminishing and minorities in their own country. It seems genocide happens openly.

The United Nations, an international agency that isolider and has a loyal attitude and is concerned about the genocide situation in Papua, so let’s support and save us from genocide. The world don’t open up to us. You have to open your eyes to save the indigenous papuans from genocide.

The indigenous papuans called on the International community that:

1. The United Nations immediately frees indigenous papuans from the colonization and oppression of the Indonesian state that has occurred in The Land of Papua all along.

2. Decolonization Commission immediately included West Papua in non-governmental status.

3. The countries of the world must recognize the independence of West Papua by December 1, 1961.

That’s our attitude.


*] The Author is a Activist Human Right from Jakarta, Indonesia

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