Indigenous Papuans are Victims of a Political Economic Conspiracy between Indonesia and Foreign Countries

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By: Mas Wibowo

THE massacre of indigenous Papuans at any time occurred in this country of west Papua. Indonesian military soldiers and police and BIN casually drink from Jakarta Indonesia.

Indonesia and China are now working together to master economic trade in the Asia and Pacific regions (Read: Meeting of war leaders and commander-in-chief of China and Indonesia on September 9, 2020 at Prabowo Jakarta office by Media Kompas and The Jakarta Post).

Surely the economy will be controlled by China and supported by the children of its employer, namely the country of Indonesia.

That’s where indigenous Papuans will be slaughtered for all the natural resources of West Papua and the Pasific region.

Therefore, West Papua must be independent. Instead of continuing victims of the economic political conspiracy between Indonesia and China all this time. It also includes political economic conspiracies and mining resources between Indonesia and the USA in West Papua.
As a solution to the slaughter and genocide of indigenous Papuans is the freedom of West Papua as an independent state through the path of self-determination in West Papua.

Thank you!

*] The author is a Activist Human Right Jakarta, Indonesia

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