UN immediately intervenes to rescue indigenous Papuans in West Papua

By: Mas Wibowo

CURRENTLY the West Papua region from Sorong to Merauke is in a situation of Indonesian military emergency. Indonesia continues to increase troops in the West Papua region with.

The addition of colonial troops that continued to be carried out made many Papuan people afraid because every region to remote villages was built. Many Indonesian military posts.

in some areas At the moment there are evacuations like what happened in Nduga, Yahukimo, Maibrat of the Bintang Mountains, and Timika. violence against the Papuan people also continues to be perpetrated by the Indonesian military.

Indonesian military Very brutal in sweeping sweeps. counting thousands of refugees from Nduga and those who died of hunger in the forest and killed by the Indonesian military, there were 250 Papuans. This action was carried out during the Trichora operation in 1963.

Starting from the 60s to the present there were around 500,000 Papuans who died in the Indonesian occupation. There were many motives that occurred in the colonialism of Indonesia in the West Papua paradise. and in 2020, large numbers of military shipments will continue to be brought from Jakarta to Papua.

Papua Currently martial law. democratic space is also silenced. Many Papuans are subjected to Indonesian law as treason cases when conveying humanitarian messages in public.

We ask that the monitoring of the international and international community and more specifically the UN to immediately take more rare things related to humanitarian conditions in West Papua.

*] The Author is a Activist Human Right in Jakarta, Indonesia

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