Indonesia’s Independence Day is always tinged with the blood and tears of Papuans

By: Mas Wibowo

WEST Papua: An 18-year-old Keiyamabipai Agapa was shot dead by the Indonesian military in Village Ugapuga, Dogiyai West Papua Regency on August 23, 2020. August is the day of the founding of Indonesia.

But West Papua celebrated Indonesia’s independence with the blood and tears of dozens of indigenous Papuans shot dead. For Indonesians that indigenous Papuans should be shot dead every August in order to celebrate Indonesia’s independence in full of blood and victims.

Indonesia shot dead indigenous papuans not just months. But indeed from the beginning Indonesia made indigenous papuans as animals that had to be sacrificed and shot dead every month by the Indonesian military. It is morally moral that Indonesia, in addition to killing, killing identity and culture, killing the history of West Papua’s founding of independence on December 1, 1961, killing all of West Papua’s natural resources, killing forests and living contexts, and everything in Papua.

The solution is independence by road:

1. Recognition of our independence of indigenous Papuans on December 1, 1961.

2. To have an International dialogue between West Papua and Indonesia that is facilitated by an independent third party either the United Nations or any other International country or institution.

These two roads offered are the solution to the rescue of indigenous Papuans from oppression, colonization, and extermination of the indigenous West Papuans during this time.

Thank so much.

*] The Author is a Activist Human Right in Jakarta, Indonesia

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