Self Determination Yes, No Special Autonomy in Land of West Papua

By: Mas Wibowo

THE Indigenous Peoples of Biak Numfor and Supiori firmly Reject Special Autonomy (OTSUS) by Indonesia.

The Special Autonomy Law (Otsus) No. 21 of 2001 was a “forced offer” by Indonesia to silence the demands for an independent West Papua.

Therefore, in commemorating the worldwide Indigenous Peoples Day which falls on August 9, 2020, the Biak Numfor and Supiori Indigenous Peoples in the Saireri Region, West Papua firmly express that they are:

(1). Refusing any form of autonomy offered by Indonesia to West Papua;

(2). Calling on Indigenous Peoples internationally to continue to voice the Right of Self-Determination for Melanesian Indigenous People in West Papua;

(3). Urge the Indonesian government and the international community to review the Papua issue and return the political rights of the West Papuan Indigenous People to Determine their own destiny through an international mechanism, namely a referendum (one man one vote / one person one vote).

“That is our stance statement by the Indigenous People of All Byak Numfor and Supiori. Finally says: Self-Determination West Papua, Yes!
Special Autonomy No, in the Land of West Papua.

*] The Author is a activist human right from Jakarta, Indonesia

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