Special Autonomy is not peace in Papua, we must have an international dialogue

By: Mas Wibowo

THE conflict and violence has been unable to resolved in the land of Papua. OPM and civil society have not believe the same Jakarta. Likewise all the Ministry of Indonesia in Jakarta, had been unable to find the best solution for to relieve distrust OPM and civil society in the land of Papua. OPM and civil society of Papua would its own way that is like to a referendum. While Jakarta, Indonesia enforce special autonomy the second without talking or dialog between OPM, Papuan People and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Special autonomy “otsus” the second province for Papua and West Papua solution to the conflict and violence on the ground not the solution of Papua. Otsus it is also not the land of Papua into peace. Otsus it will bring conflict and violence as experienced indigenous People for 21-year-old enacted Act No. 21 years 2001 for Papua Province. Otsus made people Jakarta, Indonesia as a means of close all conflicts and violence made by Jakarta, Indonesia on the island of West Papua. Special autonomy also shut down the evil plan of Indonesia for the destruction of the indigenous papuans so far. So that all countries and all other parties do not know the country crime plan, Indonesia Jakarta impose special autonomy for Papua and West Papua province the second while this.

Papua society and OPM did not want to the second special autonomy. Papua society and OPM refused on the firm Otsus that it. They don’t want to suffer and experience the conflict and the violence of the Indonesian military security apparatus as it happens during this special autonomy. They reject Otsus, they asked for a referendum for West Papua. Then it’s, I offer the best solution that talk or international dialogue used to be before enacted special autonomy in Papua and West Papua Province.

The reason being Jakarta, Indonesia must have been given a referendum for the West Papua community. Deny Jakarta, Indonesia also not want to lose the second Indonesia province that is the eastern part of Papua and West Papua Province. But Jakarta, Indonesia enforce special autonomy for this eastern Indonesian province. But the Papuan and OPM decline over the impositions Otsus the second for both Indonesia this eastern Province.

The rejection of the second special autonomy not only from the people of Papua and OPM. But the rejection of otsus it came from various parties of the alliance of churches in Papua land, from humanitarian institutions in Papua, the humanitarian activists, and the rejection of the Council of customs Mamta, Lapago, HA-Anim region, Domberay, Bomberai, Saireri, and Meepago in land of Papua. All parties deny special autonomy the second for the province. They asked for Jakarta to be given the right of self-determination in the land West Papua.

I know that Jakarta, Indonesia also not want to lose this second province. Do not want to give a referendum for the Papua. Do not want to give self-determination for the original community rights in West Papua.

Well, if you want to win the mind and the will of its own, and preserve each opinion between Jakarta, Indonesia and Papua and OPM, then I give the best solution in order to peace occur land of Papua should sit talk or international dialogue that is ahead before enforced special autonomy for both for this eastern Indonesian province. The Aceh province can solve the conflict and violence through international dialogue in Helsinki, Papua province and West Papua cannot be?

For that, should be held international dialogue between Jakarta, Indonesia and Papua facilitated by third parties or other countries by Jakarta, which is believed to indonesia and Papua or OPM to search and embodies the peace in the land of Papua. That is one of the best solution that could reach by Jakarta and the Papua to Papua the land of peace. If it is not held international dialogue, then the conflict and violence will increase continuously in Papua land. Then have to sit dialogue Internasional between Jakarta and Papuan People. So!!

*] The author is activist Human Right in Jakarta, Indonesia

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