Indonesia Police Security forces Kill a citizen of a company palm oil in Asiki Boven Digoel in land of West Papua

By: Mas Wibowo

INDONESIAN security forces killed a civilian employee of PT. Company Palm Oil Korindo in Asiki Bovendiguel on 16 May 2020. The story of the local people is spreading the event that after the caretaker’s guard postal officers call the police security forces and some police came and they were at a Mr. Marius Betera (45 years) to death in place. Then the culprit between his victim’s victims to the hospital.

Many murder cases occurred Company Palm Oil in the Asiki. I record after the opening of the palm oil land about 18 times there are killing and some know the culprit is police security officers. There is also from the Indonesian army. Then there is also the body of victims who died Mistetius dead bodies from the company.

The same thing also happened PT PAL Company Palm Oil in Timika other than PT Freeport Indonesia. From the palm Company of Timika, there are many residents to flood victims on the coast of Miyoko, Kekwa Beach, Atuka Beach, and Mimika Pantai due to the wild logging of trees in the area of palm oil companies. Employees of palm Oil company are not aware of the health of the illness so that many employees die from the company. In addition, the company does not open its children’s school Become uninformed counting, reading, and writing. That is the way the murder of indigenous Papuan children through education through the PT PAL Company Palm Oil of Timika.

There is also the palm oil Company of PT Nabire Baru in Nabire. After the permit to open palm oil company from Jakarta, PT Nabire Baru open palm Head land in the Village Yaro and Sima Nabire. The company hired indigenous Papuans but as the oil company progresses, even the company allows native Papuans to die of hunger, not education, and health is not there until today 17 May 2020. In fact, the company has been promised to open access to health education and the church building was not open until today. The company is already deceiving indigenous landowners.

There are many palm oil companies in Prafi Manokwari, then palm oil companies in South Sorong Teminabuan, palm oil companies in the village of Tajahlere and Bonggo in Sentani, Jayapura, there are also oil palm companies in Arso Keerom. All palm oil companies destroy Papua’s trees and forests. Not only the forests and trees that the company eats out but the indigenous Papuans who become employees are killed and shot dead by the Indonesian security forces.


1. Indigenous Papuans Ask the whole world that it immediately condemns and presses Indonesia to stop all foreign and national companies destroying the lungs of the world and indigenous Papuans during this time.

2. The indigenous people of HA-ANIM urged to Indonesia to retract the Korindo palm oil company from the land of Asiki.

3. From us indigenous Papuans die from palm oil companies, gold and copper mining companies at PT Freeport Indonesia Timika, company Oil and gas in Bintuni. And we were killed from Indonesian security forces in the Papua Forest and from West Papua cities then the best way was the recognition of West Papua’s independence on 1 December 1961.

This statement is made directly from the victims of Papua indigenous people from West Papua.

Wa wa wa wa and thanks

*] The author is activist Human Right from Jakarta Indonesia

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