Indigenous Papuans refuse the second special autonomy in the land of Papua

By: Mas Wibowo

WEST Papua: Special Autonomy Act No. 21 of 2001 has failed since its validity until now 2020. All authorities during special autonomy or Otsus apply in Jakarta. Otsus policies of the Papua region do not apply and are not appreciated from Jakarta. The reason is because all policies and authorities are governed by the officials of Jakarta. All the obligations and policies of Jakarta is not the way to the West Papua area. So Otsus failed in all aspects siciety in land of Papua.

With Otsus It even adds to human rights violations. The deaths of indigenous Papuans increased 3 to 10. The Indonesian military approach is also increasingly troubling and frightening Papuans and Non-Papuans in the island of Papua. With military repressive, many citizens were shot dead by its security forces from Papua. The deprivation and destruction of natural resources are getting hot in the meantime. Forests and the environment become food of the officials from Jakarta.

Indonesia deliberately controlled Otsus from Jakarta for fear of losing revenues gained from the investors of the company owners. Indonesia deliberately control its policy from Jakarta so that indigenous Papuans do not develop and progress in all aspects. Indonesia itself that kills indigenous Papuans but also Indonesia for indigenous Papuans are not competitive in all areas. It was also assessed how the murder of indigenous Papuans did not directly.

I see Indonesia happy and excited about killing in all those aspects during Otsus’s validity. The Jakarta officials have eaten satiety over the affair between Jakarta and the investors. In addition, the indigenous Papuans are not pleased to see the game from Jakarta because we view the introduction of Otdus addressed to the indigenous Papuans but the full is the Jakarta people and the officials there.

Hence, we indigenous Papuans from 7 indigenous territories (MAMTA, Lapago, Meepago, Anim-HA, Bomberai, and Domberai) refuse to firmly grant Otsus the second time to indigenous Papuans in the land of West Papua. Therefore, the Indonesian government and academics, LIPI, and other research institutes that we do not force the indigenous Papuans with the second Otsus again.

We are indigenous Papuans urged to other countries such as Australia, New Zeland, and the United States and China that do not support Indonesia to give the second Otsus any more. You must dare to say to Indonesia that the indigenous Papuans must give the determination of their own life in land West Papua. Because they already live in human rights abuses, live in conflict and violence, and they have long lived in the suppression and deprivation of natural resources. Hence, the indigenous Papuans have to live free from all the bitterness and screams and cries that have been suffered during this time.

The long-standing otsus in Papua is no longer feasible for indigenous Papuans. We indigenous Papuans are fed up with Otsus. We saw that through the Otsus we were arrested, imprisoned, we were killed, we were shot, and even pursued the military until the forest of Papua so far. Our children and wives are victimized in our villages. The son and wife of you murdered and raped women by the Indonesian military in Nduga, Mapenduma, Paniai, Deiyai, Wasior, Wamena, Arfak, Tambraw, Serui, Biak and Intan Jaya. For that, again refused Otsus from the land of Papua. Otsus has already been discharged in 2021.

The conclusion that special autonomy or Otsus has failed miserably in the land of Papua. Otsus will be exhausted in 2021. The possibility of Otsus will be imposed from Jakarta so that the purpose of genocide succeeded in Papua land. Thus, countries that support Otsus for indigenous Papuans immediately revoke your support and promptly support the self-determination of indigenous Papuans through our independent road recognition since 1 December 1961. That’s what we expect for all parties wherever of you there.

Thank you. Wa Wa Wa.

*] The author is activist Human Right in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Respon (2)

  1. There are two choises for West Papuan…they have to face slow moved and creping Genocide or the have to free by Indonesia colonialism….if west papuan still as part of indonesia Life will geting worse and We will do nothing

  2. There are two choises for West Papuan…they have to face slow moved and creping Genocide or the have to free by Indonesia colonialism….if west papuan still as part of indonesia Life will geting worse and We will do nothing

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