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Indonesian state has lying a special autonomy for indigenous Papuans

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By: Mas Wibowo

PAPUANS are killed through various ways and strategies from the country of Indonesia for the sake of natural resources from Papua. Officials of the nation and the generals had share or maps of the forests and the land of Papua.

Hence the national company and foreign company who want to enter in the land of Papua, they talk in Jakarta, they issued a collection permit (wood, sand, and fish, and crocodile) or business license of mining and oil and gas all of that from Jakarta.

We can call the behavior of the game as it is called the INFIDELITY BETWEEN INVESTOR AND THE STATE officials IN JAKARTA INDONESIA.

We are indigenous Papuans in your eyes: Congratulations for having an affair with my brother investor and the Jakarta officials. May you be satisfied with that lust. And feel favours for taking all natural resources from the land of Papua.

Mr. and Mrs. Jakarta: Is it satisfied and delicious? If not satisfied and delicious, you Indonesia tell the public in the world that Papua we have built with various aspects when it is not up and just know cheating special autonomy from Jakarta alone.

You do not guile people in the world with the granting of special autonomy unilaterally from Jakarta. Because in the discussion of special autonomy in the year 2001, Papua natives were never involved in it. Only unilaterally from Jakarta. When does Jakarta involve indigenous Papuans in the special Autonomy proclamation? Jakarta do not lying indigenous Papuans unilaterally from Jakarta during this time. We are very embarrassed and sometime, we will all be embarrassed in the public later.

In fact the granting of LAW Number. 21, 2001 about special autonomy to govern all the authority of Papua. But all that, you Indonesia control and hold the power of special autonomy from Jakarta. You have been lying and deceiving the world class for indigenous Papuans and all other countries all the time.

The solution is that Indonesia, the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Nations or UN immediately acknowledge the independence of West Papua on 1 December 1961.

Thank you. Wa….Wa….Wa….

*] The author is activist Human Right from Jakarta Indonesia

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