Conspiracy and affair of the Jakarta officials and timber companies in Nabire- West Papua

By: Mas Wibowo

THE noble fathers and mothers no matter where you are. I was honored that West Papua full of trees was destroyed by foreign and national companies in the land of Papua. I am a wooden port in Kaladiri Nabire West Papua. Look at the iron wood or the Merbau wood type in the photo below.

The forest has been destroyed by a variety of crazy entrepreneurs. Large trees have been taken by the company and carried in wooden vessels until the island of Java. From the port of Priok Surabaya Java, they entrepreneurs send wood to various countries.
All the big Woods were taken out of the island of Papua. To take the wood, the forest has been destroyed by the company. So the wood also took it and the Papua Forest was destroyed.

All the problems of West Papua’s history, issues of human rights violations, health problems, educational problems, cultural identity crisis issues, excessive makar legal issues, and the dominant military force in Papua, even the last thing I talked about here is the problem of destruction of forests and the environment in the land of Papua. All Papuan timber is taken by Indonesia through unilateral permits from Jakarta Indonesia. Foreign and national timber entrepreneurs or companies come to play in Jakarta.

So I hope that all parties help the public conduct of Indonesia and foreign and national companies who participated in the play in Jakarta for the purpose of this destroy by them. Hence, those who play in Jakarta often play conspiracy and affair between the high power in Jakarta and foreign companies in Jakarta to obtain the sweet sweets from the trees and forests of West Papua.

Therefore, all national and international parties to press Indonesia so that Indonesia stops the destruction of West Papua forests. Other countries immediately urged Indonesia to stop the affair that occurred between Jakarta and the timber company in West Papua. And urged the UN to find the best way for indigenous Papuans through the international dialogue path between Indonesia and Papua facilitated by independent third parties or from the UN itself.

Thank you for your support once there. Your kindness and support are always answered with the goodness of God, too. Your priharness for all problems concern us together in Land of West Papua.

Wa…. Wa…. Wa…. Wa….

*] The author is activist Human Right in Jakarta Indonesia

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