The destruction of the Mama forests of Papua Indonesian military supported in the land of West Papua

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By: Mas Wibowo

WEST Papua Forest: For Papuans, forests are mothers. Or often called Mama Forest Papua. The forest provides two aspects of the life of the Papua people that are aspects of economic life and health aspects.

We see aspects of economic life. Economic life of Papua depends on the forests of Papua. Mama forests provide food and water. Food was among other sweet potatoes, tubers, vegetables, and all fruits. Mama forest also provides livestock, cassowary, various types of ordinary birds boar as well as the bird that is cenderawasih, step and various types of abundant fish in the sea and the rivers in Papua land. Mama forest provides everything in need Papuans for this.

The second aspect of given Mama forests of Papua is the health aspects. Papuans healthy due to acquire various types of natural medicines directly from the forest Mama Papua. This type of herbs overgrown in the woods, in a stream, in the lake, and in the sea in Mama Papua. It’s important also for the health of the Papua is obtained a fresh air, a cool climate, and a good oxygen for people in Asia and the world. Then it, Mama Papua forest often referred to as the world’s lungs Mama.

In addition to two aspects above it, there are other aspects of the world’s largest mining and energy aspects that is the most meneral. Different types of gold mines, uranium, copper, and nickel there are and scattered Mama earth Papua. Mama Papua and provides all the source of mine it. Give likewise mineral energy there in the ground Mama earth that is petroleum and natural gas in Papua forests and Mama land of Papua.

All aspects on top of that, it’s been destroyed by a variety of national and foreign company. The national company came across Mama forests of Papua. The forest was destroyed by the company, then automatic economic Papuans also participated destroyed. Foreign company came to destroy natural remedies in Papua forests, then automatic health of Papua Mama also gained crushed on earth Mama Papua forest.

Similarly the national company as well as foreign company uninstall and destroy Mama mountains and forests of Papua, then also destroyed rivers, lakes, and the sea. Including fish-fish, crab, shrimp, crocodile, squid, including livestock, wild boar birds also destroyed and resolved friendship with the source of the universe that is in Mama Papua forest. The company-foreign national company as well as that is in the Mama Papua very unfriendly with the source of hosts scattered in the land of Papua.

My heart is very sad, my tears flowing like the river water Wapoga and river Legari to see and look at all depravity, the abominations, and cruelty from foreign company as well as national company that kills natural resources ecosystem in Mama Papua. The presence of the company-the company it brings broken death for Papua people. The company-the company that destroy economic aspects of the Papuans. The company-the company that destroy the health of Papua. The company was also destroy the mountain, the valley, river, the lake, and the sea in the land of Papua.

The company-foreign company as well as national that is in Papua supported by the Indonesian military apparatus. Mama anyone Papuans voiced about the destruction of Papua forests, the activists who voiced Mama about close foreign company as well as national handcuffed, arrested, and imprisoned by the Indonesian military in the land of Papua. The activists as well as people who voiced about the destruction of the forest, natural resources mine and petroleum, and rivers and lakes, and the destruction of Papua forest jump was shot dead by the Indonesian military for this.

Under such circumstances, we have to make what to Mama forests this West Papua?
One of the best way for Indonesia and the West Papua is the international dialogue to solve all the problems experienced between Indonesia and the West Papua. Dialogue is not for particular interests or certain parties but for peace West Papua. If the state of Indonesia deny international dialogue then West Papua should be recognized West Papua independence on December 1, 1961 that by all parties, other countries, and the United Nations.

Thank you!

*] The author is activist Human Right from Jakarta, Indonesia

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