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Return to the holy land and turn on West Papua fire furnace with Mama Marcia Giyai

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(He is a Participant and Eyewitness Surviving PEPERA 1969 in Land Of West Papua)

By: Mas Wibowo

WEST Papua: Indigenous Papuans experience a massive crisis in many aspects of life in the land of Papua. These crises are the political colonial crisis of West Papua, the crisis of human rights violations, the cultural crisis and the peculiarities of indigenous Papuans, the crisis of education and health issues, the crisis of security and legal problems, and the economic crisis for indigenous Papuans. Of all my crises, I only wrote the issue of the economic crisis of the Papua natives in this article.

Indigenous Papuans look for food in their respective gardens from their own village. They are looking for food in Sago Swamp gardens. If they want to eat the Firecon stay take in garden. All meals have been prepared by Mama Tanah West Papua. They should eat meat in the forest and just plug the snares and take a meal. If the indigenous Papuans want to eat fish stay go catch fish in the sea and cook and eat. If they need vegetables they stay planting, picking, cooking and eating.

Indigenous Papuans have the most complete and all-round economy in the country. Earth Land of Papua always prepare everything needed by the local people. They are often called the little paradise that falls to Earth on the island of Mama Papua.

Unrelenting Earth Mama Papua provides economic needs that can live the families of indigenous Papuans. Land Mama Papua makes them strong survival. The land Mama provides a living that can finance everything the family needs after its proceeds. The world of Heaven can indeed be felt from the earth of Papuan paradise.

The economy of indigenous Papuans is always fulfilled. They live comfortably without any economic problems in their power. Families scattered in the mountains and the coast and the islands can be felt the economic fullness so they feel comfortable his life without any security disturbance.

After the manipulation and threat of the Indonesian military (if you do not choose a join in Indonesia, then you are shot dead right now. Even taught in language Indonesia join Indonesia and Indonesia wins with compulsion and threats killed dead) at the time of the opinion of the people or PEPERA 1969 then Indonesia sends many Indonesian military to control the entire island of Papua while slaughtered indigenous Papuans and send the transmigration from Java island throughout the land of Papua. He said from Mama Marcia Giyai (witnesses and participants of PEPERA 1969 who are still living in Nabire West Papua district. (The author displays a photograph of Mama Marcia Giyai below).

According to Mama Marcia Giyai, the economic paradise of indigenous Papuans has been devastated when the Indonesian military controls the land of Papua. Moreover, the transmigration came from outside Papua the economy of Papuans began to be destroyed. Not only the vile and wicked murder we experienced. But the economic murder to us indigenous Papuans began to feel at the time. The economic crisis began to be destroyed and damaged when our lands were conquered and annexed by migrants from outside Papua, he said.

The next mama Marcia spread that their land was taken and occupied by the Indonesian military. The place of economic resources of Papua’s forests is destroyed. Sago swamps were demolished, moored, and burned and then replaced into oil palm, sad and sadistic companies of Indonesia. Indigenous Papuans who have been possessed by the people of Toraja, Bugis, and Makasar in Mountain Mountains. Indigenous Papuans who are looking for fish are ruled by Buton, Bugis, and Masakar or BBM people on the coast and on the islands of Papua.

With a crying face of Mama Marcia Giyai, he said anyway that there is only to us the indigenous Papuans are life. All aspects were ruled by migrants throughout the land of Papua. Even the lives of our indigenous Papuans are determined by non-Papuans and Indonesian military authorities after all being ruled by migrants throughout the land of Papua. Then who saved our lives Indigenous Papuans?

One of the best ways to save the lives of indigenous Papuans is to animate the fire furnace in the land of Papua in accordance with the spirit begun by the late Mgr John Philiph Saklil (bishop of the Diocese of Timika West Papua) through movement: protecting the soil and cultivating the soil. Fire furnace movements of life must start from the consciousness of indigenous Papuans to Mama Land Papua. It has also been contemplated by the “return to the Holy Land of West Papua” together in the pastorale deliberations in Paniai and Deiyai (read: tabloidjubi about pastorale Paniai and Deiyai).

To save ourselves indigenous Papuans peoples is back on our Holy Land West Papua. Through the spirit of protecting land and cultivate the soil. Instead of selling and not damaging the land of West Papua. If protecting and cultivate the soil then our economies are met from the results of land governance. We keep the cattle and keep the sea without marred so that cattle and the sea gives us our lives. Do not sell land but walk in from olah land. Do not live from selling Mama Land.

I conclude that the indigenous Papuans are economically existing and versatile because they can live from the forests of the land and the Sea of fish. But because of the immigrants from Java, Buton Bugis, Makasar, and other migrants so that the indigenous Papuans are not able to compete the migrant people. The local government was controlled by Jakarta and the Government’s security personnel were unable to produce the protection laws of indigenous Papuans prople’s. Even the Indonesian government is unable to empower indigenous papuans people’s in land of West Papua.

Hence, Papuans are the audience of the newcomers have the company, other project Ventures, kiosks, and all kinds of hog cattle, sea fishing fishermen, and others. It is called the economic mastery of indigenous Papuans from West Papua. Even the life or the death of a person is determined by the foreign settlers in the land of Papua. Thus, one of the best roads is to close all foreign and national companies that make indigenous Papuans helpless.

And we Papuans ask the UN, the UN Human Rights Agency, the UN decolonisation Commission institution and support all parties to review PEPERA 1969 in West Papua and acknowledge West Papua’s independence on 1 December 1961. And thanks to Mama Marcia Giyai who explained about PEPERA 1969 to the authors of this article. It turns out that PEPERA is full of Indonesian government lies the time and now also Papuans in Indonesian people’s lies. Thus, Papua must be independent from Indonesia.

*] The author is Activist Human Right from Jakarta, Indonesia

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