Freedom for prisoners anti racism in Deiyai – Papua this day

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By: Mas Wibowo

STATE of Indonesia stigma of Papua Monkey on August 18, 2019 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Papuans feel insulted the dignity of Papuans. Indonesians very racist with an expression of Papuans monkeys. Papuans debased preciousness just like the beast monkey or ape or a pig or a dog. For addressing this anti racism, the public Deiyai of protest to state of Indonesia that Papua is not a monkey on the lawn regent Deiyai Office on 26 a and August 28, 2019.

Action demonstration on August 28, 2020 resulted in conflict and violence occur outside the offices of regent Deiyai. Car driver belonging to the Indonesian army apparatus hit was a young Justin Takimai (17 years) dead was killed in front of the office BKD Deiyai. Mass action demonstration angry the soldier driver and began to conflict over the incident. Society angry with the security apparatus Indonesia. While happily shouted-happily shouted or “of single” they entered in office page regent deiyai. Finally the army and police waste tear gas to the community and society broke up scatter them themselves. Then followed by bullet fire towards the community.

About hundreds of people exposed to the wound shots. And about 9 of the dead were killed shot by the Indonesian military. Peace action coordinator at no escape and lay down on the lawn regent deiyai office. In fact they are made perpetrators of the conflict. When the culprit is purely security apparatus Indonesia the Indonesian army and Indonesian police.

Until the anti-peace action coordinator was made a suspect and had to undergo punishment in racism that prison in Nabire. But they after undergoing examination process and imprisonment 6 months as of September 1, 2019 until the day was liberated them 9 person on March 19, 2020 of the court of Nabire Papua.

Thank you for all the support from various parties for the liberation of for these prisoners. Thanks to the family that does not eat and drink but follow all the trial that passed in the District Court Nabire for 6 this month. Do not forget we say many thanks to a coalition of justice and human rights that accompany the families of the victims and the prisoners anti racism deiyai during this. May the Lord replied to the goodness you all

All this and thank you.

*] The author is activist Human Right in Jakarta, Indonesia

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