The more heat conflicts between OPM and the Indonesian military in Tembagapura

By: Mas Wibowo

CONFLICTS that occurred between OPM and the Indonesian military which originated from reason 5000 West Papuans were slaughtered by the Indonesian military from 1963 until the conflict in Tembagapura, Timika Papua on 5 March 2020. The conflict between OPM and the Indonesian military did not destroy the United States ‘ company tools. But OPM asked for freedom from suppression and even colonization of Indonesian military cruelty in West Papua for the year from 1963 to 2020

The original Pupua realized that one of the main problems is the presence of the Freeport Indonesia Company in Timika Papua its establishment since the year 1967. After Papua was handed over to UNTEA since 1963 and held the New York agreement since August 15, 1963 for the sake of the gold mine in the Timika Papua.

The hope of Papuans to be free from Indonesian oppression has been foiled by the United States and Indonesia governments unilaterally for the sake of the gold mine in Timika.

Papuans have been aware that the aftermath of the Freeport presence in Timika was that many indigenous Papuans were killed and shot by Indonesian military since 1963 to 2020. Hence, OPM now occupies the Tembagapura area to take back the mountain of Tembagapura.

OPM is not an enemy of the Freeport company. But OPM asked for their recognition of independence that has been achieved since 1 December 1961. West Papua’s independence has been foiled in the interest of Papua’s gold mining economy by the United States and Indonesia. Even these two countries intervened in the highest institution of the United Nations. UNTEA which is the UN’s foot institution was intervened by these two countries so that the UN agenda on the West Papua independence was introduced by American and Indonesia.

All human rights abuses occurring in West Papua start from the economic interests of the gold mine in Timika Papua. An estimated 5000 West Papuans were killed in the Indonesian military from 1963 to 2020. As a rescue action from his country, OPM took over their gold mines and began to strive for the freedom of West Papua as the ever-independent country.

Now OPM is in action instead of damaging the United States ‘ Freeport mining apparatus. But OPM wanted to dominate the Timika Tembagapura for the recognition of West Papua independence since 1 December 1961. All the commanders of the Papua Military area [KODAP] OPM are all set up and their OPM is gathering in Tembagapura for the Indonesian military opponents who killed and slaughtered the indigenous Papuans during this time. OPM began to react in Tembagapura to seek independence of West Papua. Not hostile to the United States or Indonesia. But Papua want Free West Papua.

For that:

1. OPM has expressed the attitude that OPM remains to be occupied by the Timika to West Papua become a West Papua nation.

2. The Indonesian government soon returned to the country because our Tembagapura OPM had occupied the land in our Tembagapura.

3. The United States Government immediately cease mining activities in Tembagapura because our OPM made Tembagapura as a war between OPM and the Indonesian military.

4. The world’s tallest UN government immediately recognizes Independence of West Papua from 1 December 1961.

5. Countries of the world immediately acknowledged the independence of West Papua since 1 December 1961 it.

6. The leadership of the world Catholic Church Pope Francis immediately encouraged the destruction of indigenous Papuans by the Indonesian state through the road giving freedom as a West Papua nation.

That is the statement of OPM in West Papua.

By reading the attitude of OPM’s statement, OPM correctly championed West Papua’s independence. I noticed that OPM would not withdraw from the hopes and ideals of their struggle. They will not stop the struggle for independence. Thus, I offer international dialogue between OPM or ULMWP and the government of Indonesia to create peace in the land of Papua. So!

The author is activist Human Right from Jakarta, Indonesia

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