The conflict between OPM and the Indonesian military is increasingly heating up in West Papua

By: Mas Wibowo


CONFLICTS and violence occurred in the districts of Nduga and Intan Jaya between OPM and the Indonesian military is purely political. OPM struggled to release Free West Papua. And The Indonesian military struggle is to defend West Papua in Indonesia while spending indigenous Papuans from their own country.

To achieve this genocide, Indonesia sent thousands of Indonesian military security officers throughout the Papua region, especially in the regency of mountain through Jayapura and Nabire.

I think that the conflict and violence of Indonesian military security forces occurred on 1 December 2018 it would cease from Nduga district in 2020. But even the conflict and violence to the shooting of indigenous Papuans increasingly add and continue to increase in Intan Jaya district starting in the beginning of January 2020. But the visible cruelty, violence, and the Indonesian military will increase.

Even I saw the arrival of the Indonesian military in Intan Jaya (by area Paniai and aircraft) and in Nduga West Papua.

The excessive delivery of Indonesian military forces, making Nduga, Intan Jaya and Paniai citizens increasingly adding to the trauma of fear, experiencing anxiety, and even many indigenous Papuans starved to death. Why is it happening?  Because there are many people displaced in the forests, there are other communities raped, and shot dead either in Nduga and Intan Jaya. If the Paniai is ready for standby between OPM and the Indonesian military.

While the civil society of Nduga District, Intan Jaya, and Paniai increasingly feared his life, his wife, and the future of the original person from his own land in West Papua.

To that, I appeal to all nations and countries, the UN world’s tallest institution, the UN Human Rights Commission, the UN Decolonization Commission, and the Institution of the World churches that;

1. Immediately free West Papua from oppression and colonization by the state of Indonesia in West Papua.

2. Immediately recognizes West Papua’s independence since 1 December 1961.

3. Immediately pressing the Indonesian government so that violence and conflict under Indonesia’s dominant military pressure in West Papua.

4. Immediately entering West Papua in the commission of decolonization that West Papua as a Non governmental status.

5. Immediately commanded the Indonesian state to stop violence and conflict in West Papua and retract the Indonesian military from the land of West Papua.


Thank you for your support for Free West Papua.

Jakarta, March 5, 2020

*] The author is activist Human Right from Jakarta, Indonesia

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