Indonesia brought the military too dominant in the land of Papua

By: Mas Wibowo

THE Indonesian military brought in Homeyo village, Intan Jaya today 18 January 2020 (See photo of Indonesian military arrival at the Pioneer field of Homeyo village, Intan Jaya, West Papua today). About 200 soldiers were handed down in the village through small aircraft. Meanwhile, through the road Trans Nabire-Paniai about 21 Indonesian military trucks are charged with Indonesian military. If it is aggregated about one battalion in the lower to Paniai district, Papua is walking the road on this day as well.

Learning from the fact of the military arrivals today, Indonesia’s security forces are increasingly fierce to face indigenous Papuans. They are not only that, but Indonsia is increasingly evil against the organization of the struggle for Free West Papua or OPM in West Papua. Here the death toll is the military security forces are also many who fall. Once the Papuans were killed a lot in the land of Papua.

But it is more sadistic again that a small person or a native of Papua becomes a victim shot dead by the Indonesian military so far. More specifically the area is at war between OPM and the Indonesian military that is in Nduga District, Intan Jaya, and in Paniai or Deiyai [although invisible war between OPM and military but standby 1 for the people of these two places concerning the arrival of the military Indonesia dominant in two districts].

Upon the arrival of the Indonesian military, the people of Papua are dying many consequences of the Indonesian military.

Although from international institutions many times warn to stop all human rights violations in Papua, all conflicts and violence committed by Indonesian State through its approach to security. Indonesian country is seen hard and ignore all recommendations from various countries so that access foreign journalists are allowed to enter Papua, open the democracy space in West Papua, terminated all violence and conflict, discontinued the destruction of forests and the environment in the land of Papua.

But all the recommendations from all of the countries, Indonesia has neglected and is not ignored anymore. Because the deepest purpose of Indonesia is the GENOCIDE of indigenous Papuans from the country and land.

In such circumstances, we must be silent? We have a look at this Indonesian country? And where the world Organization is the UN?, UN Human Rights Commission?, and UN Decolonization Commission?.

Here I testify of the increasingly endangered Papuan Aboriginal people of his own country. We don’t let them suffer long. We also do not let them get extinct from his own land.

But we must try our way out of this slumped situation. Everyone is entitled to independence and free from bullying. Now, Papua indigenous people want to return their independence since 1 December 1961.

They are very hopeful of the UN, UN Human Rights, Commission on Decolonisation, and Other countries to help us with the aim of the freedoms of indigenous Papuans of West Papua. Because we were killed and shot dead, arrested, imprisoned, and punished by the Indonesian state.

Therefore, we hope to help you with your various paths so that Papua is fast independent as a country of West Papua. Then you as the UN World Institution, the UN Human Rights Commission, the Commission for Decolonisation, and the countries do not silence and blindfold about the problems in West Papua.

The end of the word that indigenous Papuans live in a matter of injustice. Also Papuans experienced tremendous suppression during this time. We also experienced not free from our land and our village. Because all forest places and offices are controlled by formal and non formal military. We also feel we will lose all our natural resources because our environmental forest has been damaged by companies that are not green and fresh forest. Our culture has also been crisis.

One way out of all these problems is the independence of West Papua is either recognition of independence from the time of 1 December 1961 it or give freedom as the current nation. Note that we strive for Papua land Peace but we are instead in the stigma of separatists or Papuan fighters but peace fighters also died. It is likely that the PAPUA fighters were killed because of the interests of Jakarta so that Papua remained in conflict and violence without peace. So, Free West Papua. Thank you!

Jakarta, January 18, 2020

*] The author is Activist Human Right from Jakarta, Indonesia

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