West Papua independence and Papuans hope

By: Mas Wibowo

INDIGENOUS Papuans want to be independent from 1941 to 1960. Apparently the wish was proved by West Papua’s declaration of independence as a nation since December 1, 1961. That was the early seedlings and embryos of West Papua. But independence was seized and taken over by the UN and the UN to submit West Papua to the regime and murderer of the state of Indonesia. It should be that West Papua’s independence political rights should be returned and acknowledged by the UN, the United States, and Indonesia.

If the UN, the United States, and Indonesia do not recognise and do not return the political independence that existed and are celebrated each year, then victims of oppression, death of Indonesian military in Papua and Papuan genocide have been be held accountable by the United NATIONS, the United States, and Indonesia. The political rights of independence, all Papuans already knew it. Small to large people already know that West Papua has been independent since 1 December 1961.

Hence, Papuans paint Flag them the Kejora star in the form of a bracelet (photo bracelet in this carry). Not only that, the West Papuans also painted the Morning Star flag through Noken or the bag, they also made the Kejora star flag suit. But also Papuans painted the Morning star flag on the walls, walls of the house or office, and even they painted the morning star flag in the Papuan body for the time being. The history of West Papua’s political struggle is not emerging. But it has been in the past independence.

To eliminate West Papua’s independence, Indonesia has been taking the program of excessive military approaches from 1963 to 2020. Indonesia has also been programing massive transmigration to Papua since 1970.

Then Indonesia was also a military invasion with the program of regional military operations throughout the land of Papua. As a result of the various Indonesian programs, 5000 West Papuans died in their own country. Even until now 2020, many indigenous Papuans became dead shot by military Indonesia.

Not only the West Papuans were murdered but Indonesia also killed the culture, killing the ethnic traditions of indigenous Papuans, and the regional languages were forced to be banned on various occasions. Local food is forced and not eaten. Sago and Yam places were destroyed by various companies and replaced with palm oil companies. Even all gold and petroleum mines were brought out of Papua. While the West Papuans died poor in his country and were killed steadily everyday in land of Papua.

To that, I call on the world that:

1. The UN immediately reinstate West Papua’s political rights.

2. The United States is immediately responsible for the country’s takeover of West Papua and is handed over to the Indonesian hand since 1963.

3. Indonesian state immediately release West Papua state that you have illegally occupied in West Papua land.

4. UN Human Rights Institute immediately entered West Papua in the commission of decolonization.

5. Countries immediately press Indonesia to stop killing and stop genocide in West Papua.

6. Indonesia immediately opened access to foreign journalists into Papua and opened its freedom for West Papua citizens. Thus the longing and haraam of the West Papuans during this time. I wish the United NATIONS, the United States, and Indonesia immediately carried out some of the hopes and longing of indigenous Papuans on top of this.

Thank. So!

*) The author is activist Human Right from Jakarta, Indonesia

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